What Is Backlink In SEO?

What Is BackLink In SEO?

You must have read somewhere that backlink helps you to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. Before we go into in-depth research and analysis let’s understand what is a backlink in SEO means?


A backlink is nothing but word of mouth for your brand on digital platforms like guest blogging sites, social media sites, social bookmarking sites, Forum sites, referral sites. As in our traditional way we refer someone for some product or services here on the digital platforms high DA sites give hyperlinks to your products or services. which means search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo will look at the credibility of your brand.

I hope now you got some idea about what is a backlink in SEO. If not keep reading on.

How To Create Backlink In SEO? Backlink SEO Strategy:

I would say this is a very easy way to get the backlinks if you follow the tricks which I am gonna tell you. checkout various backlinks sites that are referring to your competitors. To check competitors’ backlinks use this tool: SemRush Backlink Audit Tool.


Now you got the list of sites that are giving hyperlinks to your competitor’s site. try to connect with the blogging site admin person via email, social media, phone, chat, etc. Write something like:

Hey XYZ,

I must say that you have written really nice blog on “Blog topics”. We will be more than happy if you can check out our services. We also provide same serivces as you have mentioned in your blog post. If you think we are worthy to your reader then you can add our site link to your blog.

This is the best backlink SEO strategy to get a backlink in SEO. The more the backlinks to the sites higher the rank you will get on popular search engines. It’s not 100% correct. You have to build a backlink SEO strategy and try to get only valuable backlinks to your site.

Backlink SEO Example:


  • Website have 100 high domain authority backlinks
  • Website have 1000 ordinar domains backlinks

In the above example website will be ranked high because it is referred by high domain authority sites with Do Follow links.

Still, have doubts about how backlinks can help you to improve your ranking?

Hold on!

How Much Backlinks Importance In SEO For Your Site?

Backlinks’ importance in SEO is the same as roads’ importance to connect the cities. Mobile networks important to connect people. Similarly backlinks SEO importance which no-one can neglect.

If all the sites referring to you are saying that we are known for ABC services then Google Algorithm also thinks that way only and optimize your ranking. Not to forget that Backlink isn’t the only way to optimize your website ranking. There are many other factors also which Google takes into consideration.

Those factors are:

  • Landing page
  • content quality
  • Content structure
  • Website speed
  • Website hierarchy
  • Responsive design

This is just a few examples Google consider many more factor for SEO.

Still, confused about what these terminologies are? Then contact our sales representative at +91-9764669107 Or drop us an email at info@techchicsoft.com and share your requirements. We will take care of your backlinks.


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