SEMRush VS MOZ Pro Comparison

SEMRUSH VS MOZ Pro Comparison

Anyone involved in SEO Marketing or E-Commerce would know about SEO Tools. These are tools that help boost rankings, traffic to your sites and should lead to boosting sales and revenue. we will be covering the features of SEMRush vs MOZ Pro in this article.

Though other tools might as well deliver these same services, we would be comparing two major and well-respected names in the SEO community: SEMrush and Moz and we would achieve these by taking a critical and detailed look at their features.


SEMrush seems to be the current most beneficial tool for SEO marketers and professionals. For reasons of accuracy and speed in collating data, and other amazing tools such as:

It has a Keyword Magic Tool which gives you about 2million keyword ideas, segments them by topics. creates target keyword list by their keyword difficulty, search volume, SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) features, CPC (Cost Per Click) data.It also provides you with long-tail keywords, phrase matches, and related keywords.The Keyword Difficulty Tool supplies a list of keywords s you can rate their competitiveness.Its Competitive Keyword Analysis Tool gives you all the keywords your competitors’ page is ranking for and the estimated search traffic for each keyword.SEMrush tracks your list of keywords over any specific period. It also enables Mobile, Desktop and Country Filtering.SEMRush SEO Idea Unit helps a page to rank based on a keyword.Its Backlink provides data in the form of charts that segments using percentages, as well as follow and unfollow column and source or country column.Its Backlink Audit provides a detailed analysis of your site and those of your competitors.SEMRush PLA(Product Listing Ads) research gives you an insight into competitors’ websites so you can access data on the keywords they bid on and for which they had PLA(s).The Template Tool offers you additional information to boost the ranking of your site after you have typed in the keyword you desire to rank.The Site Audit helps you find and fix issues with your website, as well as notify you of the ‘health status’ of your site.Its Executive Dashboard gives you an overview of how beneficial your SEO decisions have been.Its Lead Generation tool helps you collect email addresses from visitors to your site. Providing you with more data to follow up on your leads.It reveals competitor’s organic and paid searches, backlinks, paid advertising and social media strategies.Its Client Organizational Tool, even though still beta stage promises very beneficial aids.SEMrush discovers new organic competitors, new competitors in Google Ads, new publishers, new markets and niches and new investment opportunities.

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Now, let’s list out the tools and features of Moz:

Moz Keyword Explorer provides filtering related to keywords with similar search results. However, its results are not as accurate as of that of SEMrush. Its merit is that it also has a high search volume accuracy.Similar to SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool, it bulk submits a list of keywords and also provides metrics in minutes.It provides a progressive check of ranking performance. This meaning unlike SEMrush, you can not get ranking performance results from far past.Its Domain Authority and Page Authority metric calculates the competitiveness of sites.Its Clients section has been launched and is reliably working good. Unlike that of SEMrush that is still in its beta stage.It’s Executive Moz Bar provides organic visibility traffic for your site versus your competitor’s sites.Moz Content and FollowerWink provide content marketing tools.Its Ranking section analyzes how keywords have changed over time.Its Page Optimization Tool (Moz On-Page Grader) shows how optimized your page is for ranking your keywords and suggestions to improve.Just like SEMrush’s Site Audit, Moz Site Crawl crawls your site to reveal errors and informs you of new trends, recommends improvements and fixes.It also provides data on links coming into your site. The changes that occur over time and your value against the competition, just as SEMrush’s Backlink Audit.The Rank Tracker tracks external keywords campaigns.The Open Site Explorer provides information on competitor’s links and yours.It enables you to track competitor’s progress on the SERP to discover loopholes in their strategies. that can be used to your advantage.

How much does Moz Pro cost?

Both tools have a free trial package and a monthly standard cost which starts at $99 per month.


So, We have discovered a difference between SEMRush and MOZ Pro. SEMRush vs MOZ pro comparison will help you to choose which one will be well fitted for your requirements. whether you work as an agent, SEO Marketer, professional, content creator or marketer, a digital marketer or a consultant, from its basic features. you can easily select which works best for you and provides the SEO solutions you need.

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