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The World is becoming digitized nowadays. All traditional things are coming on the internet. With this changing scenario marketing term also changed by time to time. Traditional marketing/ cold calling is completely dead in today’s era. Digital marketing is the new weapon to get closer to your prospects. It’s time to change your traditional marketing campaigns into an online advertisement. 

You have an online presence using web development where you have offered your products/services. But still struggling to get visitors to your website. This is happening due to lack of awareness about your product and services. It happens with every newbie into an online business.

Our favorite way to optimize your website ranking on search engines and get more visitors to your business in SEO. but as all know SEO takes time to get recognized by a search engine. If you are looking for quick visitors to your website then paid online advertisement of digital marketing is the best option to attract prospects to your website. here we will take you to a complete guidance on online advertisement. Top platforms of online marketing:

Google Adwords
Bing Ads
Social Media Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Display network marketing
SMS Marketing

Digital Marketing Step by Step Guide:

1.Google Adwords: 

Google is the most used search engine in the world. It owns 90% search engine market share. It has introduced Google Adwords in back 2000. which allows business to promote their business on Google search engine. Google Adwords serving more than 1 million advertisers today. You can advertise your products/ services here. It is a market leader platform in digital marketing industry. You can create ad campaign as per following types:

Search only ads:
Display networks:
Universal app Install
Video / Youtube ads

you can set a daily budget, a monthly budget for your ads. Visitors can be targeted based on their location, device, interest, Topics, Placement, Demographics etc. you can pause your ad campaign at any time. You will be charged only when a user clicks on your advertisement. This ad works like an auction. where many factors are considered like your URL content and keyword matching, website responsiveness. Google shows ads at the top of the organic search result and at the bottom of the organic search result.

2.Bing Ads: 

Similar to Google Adwords Bing also introduced new online advertisement platform called Bing Ads. Bing ads allow you to put ads on Bing search engine as well as on bing Display network. It has all the functionality is same as Google Adwords. 

3.Social Media Marketing: 

Social media is a most popular digital media platform for connecting people and businesses. Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace, Google+ etc. you can capture these social media users while they are surfing or connecting with their friends. Choose the best platform among them according to your targeted audience. Almost all social media has features to promote your product or service as advertisement way. You can set the target for your social media advertisement. It also gives you privilege to choose your audience age group, Gender, Geographic area, Interest, education and many more. Social media advertising is giving you huge amount of response if you display your advertisement smartly.

4. Affiliate Advertising New Way of Digital Marketing:

It is also called as commission based advertising. This is similar to traditional insurance policy agency or agent type platform. Affiliate marketing networks pay as per CPA (Cost Per Action). There are so many affiliate marketing websites who intent to advertise your product or services on their portal on CPA bid type basis. At result, you will get your prospect and Advertising platform will get its commission.

5. E-mail Marketing:

According to Radicati Group study report, there are 3.7 billion email users worldwide. Don’t you want to reach them and offer them your product/ services? Yes, Of course, you want to reach them right? There are so many E-mail marketing tools which will help you to send bulk E-Mails. We use Aweber as our favorite Email marketing tool.

6. Display Advertising: 

Display advertising is another way of doing digital marketing to promote your products/services. There are so many display advertising platforms in the market. which will help you to grow your business. It has features which will give you premises to display advertise on other similar website. You can put your ad in the form of text, Video, Image, Audio etc.

7.SMS Marketing:

According to global mobile subscribers data, there are 5.7 billion people who use mobile. which is really great for business people. Make use of these subscribers data and send them your business offers. there are so many SMS gateway’s in the market choose one which fits your need and gets started with SMS marketing

8. Sponsored Partner: 

This is the way to make most out of your adverting. You can become a sponsored partner to high traffic generated websites. The website owner will give you some space on their website where you can put your advertisements. Techchic is expert in finding good sponsor partner. You will be paid on per 1000 impression or on per click or on per action user did after clicking on the link.

Techchic is being an expert in all these digital marketing /online advertising platforms. Your perfect ad manager is just a call away. Promote your product/ services across the internet user. Start generating revenue from the 1st day itself. Techchic Software expertise in online marketing.

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