Google my Business

What is Google my Business?

Google my business is the tool provided by Google which allows you to register your business with Google search and Google maps. Google My Business is used for Local SEO of your business. Where local people can search you for your phone number, driving directions, address details, working hours details etc.Once you fill up all the data related to your business you need to verify your business address to get listed on a search engine and Google maps. It takes 7 to 12 days for the verification process. You can post on events, news, promotions on Google my business. It is the best tool which Google have for listing your business. Similarly, Bing has Bing places as a Business tool.

  How to register the business with Google search engine and Google Maps?

o   Visit Link:

o   If you have a google account then login with your Gmail or you can sign up for new Gmail and get started with registration.

o   Create Business account with your business name

o   Enter your business details and click on the continue button.

o   If your business address is not showing correctly then select pinpoint and locate it on a map where your business is located.

·         Features of Google my business

o   Insight:

This feature of Google my business will help you to see the results insight of your business on Google search and Google maps

o   Reviews: Reviews will help you to manage your online reputation and customers feedbacks which will show your credibility toward your work and expertise.

o   Google+ Page: It creates your business page where you can post about your products/services/events/news etc. You can join communities, create collections on google plus business page.

o   Post: This is the new feature recently launched by Google which allows posting on Google for my business and that will be displayed on google search result along with your business information.

o   Google Analytics: It helps you to measure the business insights and your website traffic sources, user behaviours, user flow etc.

o   Google Adwords connectivity

o   Message/ Chat: Google my business recently launched Messaging and chat services for local businesses.

If you want to get listed your business on a google search engine and Google maps then Get in touch with our expert team.

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