Every business person would admit that it is very important to consider your competitor’s website analysis before you start your SEO. In other words, competitor analysis is the must-have practice for search engine optimization.

While making decisions and strategies that affect a business or a brand are one’s competitors. SEO competitor website analysis refers to accessing and evaluating competitor websites.

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It helps you to know their strengths, weakness, strategies. How effective they have been and maximize this knowledge for the profit and growth of one’s website!

You can also make a comparison of important business factors such as pricing, clients, brand awareness. This will help to enhance your brand image and awareness. You can take advantage of opportunities and make necessary positive adjustments in one’s operations.

With that in mind, let’s define SEO Competitor Analysis Tools. These are tools that quickly and effectively help you track, access, analyze and evaluate your competitor’s strategies, decisions, and operations!

Many Competitor Analysis tools exist in the market promising to deliver in different capacities. Here, we would be looking at the best SEO competitor analysis tools in the market.

Top 7 SEO Tools For competitor website analysis:

Ø SEMrush – Competitor website analysis tool:

Considering its all-in-one digital marketing solution tool. SEMRush has 30 tools analyzing 3.7 billion keywords and trillions of backlinks, its efficiency, and accuracy. SEMrush has proven to be one of the best Competitor analysis tools in the market.

It provides data on competitor keywords, budgets, strategies, backlinks, paid search, social media marketing, content marketing, and traffic. It also tells you changes in ranking and new competitors in the market.


SEMRush has the Pro, Guru, and Business packages with different prices attached to them, starting with $99. It also has a free trial version which is very suitable for beginners.

 Ø Ahrefs:

Ahrefs has also proven to be a very efficient SEO Competitor analysis tool. It will help you with competitor site analysis, keyword analysis, link analysis and especially backlink analysis. It tracks individual keywords and organic reach.

Its Site Explorer provides keyword analysis data that tells you the exact keywords your competitors ranked for. And also makes suggestions on how you can outrank them. It monitors competitors’ links and analyzes competitors’ sites.

Ahrefs also provides insights into competitors’ paid advertising. Ahrefs price starts at $99 per month and a starting trial of $7.

Ø Spyfu:

Spyfu gives you insight into the trending keywords in your market, as well as the keywords of competitors’ sites. It also gives data on your competitors’ best-performing content and backlink analysis.

Spyfu gives insights into the ad placements and keywords of your competitors which have purchased from Google, Bing. As a smart marketer start bidding on keywords that your competitor is biding on. This is the most profitable business decision. It also has its free trial version and starts with $33 per month.

Ø Moz:

Moz is also one great SEO Competitor analysis tool that provides data on competitor’s links, competitors’ rank for targeted keywords. It allows you to analyze the competitiveness of other sites and the progress they are making. MOZ also gives insight into their backlinks profile. It has its free trial version as well and starts with $99 per month too.


Serpstat is another one-in-all SEO competitor analysis tool that provides research analysis on your site. you can also do your competitor’s website research.

It provides insights on your competitors’ strategies, competitor’s targeted keywords analysis, backlink profile analysis, strategies, trending content, paid online advertising. With this, you can make better strategies to outrank your competitors. You can start with its free trial version or get one of its paid plans which is $19 per month.

Ø Kompyte:

Kompyte, like the name implies, is another SEO competitive analysis tool that provides needed data on your site’s competition. Kompyte provides analysis on content, social engagements, site, keywords, traffic, paid ads and email analysis. It has a 14-day free trial version and other paid plans, one of which is $95 per month.

Ø Siteliner:

There is a very important relationship between links and google rankings. Links improve and boost the organic reach of your content. It also helps boost traffic and online presence. For this reason, Siteliner must be listed as one of the best SEO competitor analysis tools.

It gives insights into the competitor’s page link analysis, page sizes, internal linking, exposes duplicate and broken links. You can maximize your opportunities by linking the competitor’s broken links. which would in turn help improve the rankings of your site. Signing up for Siteliner is free.


In conclusion, if you need the right competitor website analysis tools for keyword analysis, backlinks analysis, site analysis. You should opt for any of the above all. They provide guaranteed best results. We personally recommend the SEMRush tool for competitor SEO analysis.

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